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Earn 6 Figures With Only $250 Down

The South Coast League wants to find the best franchisee possible; this does not always mean the people with the most income. We are looking for the right person to run our team, someone that truly cares about baseball and their community.

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Learn As You Go With League Support

Have you never run a team or a business? Need help? The South Coast League has a plan for every facet of running your franchise, from marketing all the way to sales. We also place a league official at every single event we put on to make sure things are ran to our high standards.


The South Coast League can garner you great experience in the sales, management, and marketing aspects of business.

Guaranteed Income

The South Coast League inherits the financial burden for the league, we will not grant you full franchisee rights or even start the season without basic sponsorship and preseason sales goals met. This means from the first pitch onward, no matter how many fans attend, we make a profit.

Following our plan and our goals, the SCBL thoroughly believes a franchisee could see a six-figure salary in our first season.


Merit Based Work

The South Coast League rewards hard work and we know running day to day operations of a ballclub is strenuous, taking care of our franchisees is at the top of our list. We have set what we believe to be easily obtainable goals before the season and during the season, hitting those goals can earn you an additional $135,000 per season.


Hard work in our league is greatly rewarded.