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South Coast

Official Home of the

est. 2020

Baseball League

For the Potential Facilities 

Make Money During Your Down Time

The South Coast Baseball League operate from October through February (during the off-season of baseball) and only on weekends, allowing you to keep your field open for practices during the week and making revenue off of us during the weekend. We also commit to paying our lease right up front, ensuring you do not have to chase money all season.


Overall, the South Coast Baseball League will help you maximize your facilities income year-round.


Develop Local Talent

The South Coast Baseball League uses only local players (if you can drive to the park, you can play), this will give your summer team a look at talent they may need more time to develop or that has flown under the radar, without spending money on scouts or travel. We are even willing to fully partner with your summer pro team using your coaches and even some players for extra development at no cost to you!


We bring the top amateurs in Texas and Louisiana right to your park and can become the ultimate winter development partner

Help Maintain and Upgrade Your Park


We want to be more then another minor league team in town, we want to be engrained into the community and part of that is through helping build up the facilities we use. Throughout the season we want to help your facility grow and be some of the best minor league parks around..


The South Coast League is more than committed to be a part of our communities and our gracious facilities that let us play there


Develop New Partnership Ideas

Whether you are a multi-million-dollar minor league team or a small, collegiate league, you can always use new inroads and ideas to build up business partnerships and marketing techniques in the community, and we would love to share at network with those. If your park is looking to attract a new summer tenant, partnering with us is a cheap and effective way to show the independent baseball community that your town is a baseball town!


Working together the South Coast League thoroughly believes we can build a strong baseball community wherever we go.

A Sustainable Business Plan

With our commitment to paying leases up front, having a league official at every game, having players assist in field cleanup, our five charity games, donating percentages of income back to help grow and update the facility, using the facility during traditional down times, or one of the many other things we hold as our standards. The South Coast Baseball League is the ultimate baseball partner.


We are excited and proud to be allowed into your communities for the long term