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South Coast

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est. 2020

Baseball League

About the South Coast Baseball League

A New Wave of Pro Baseball

The South Coast Baseball League is a winter pro baseball league, divided into 4- 16 team leagues. 

All players, owners and staff are made entirely of locals, driving home the our foundation of being a "community first" league.


The South Coast League runs a 60-game schedule from October through February, beginning in 2021.


Ultra Fun League

We at the South Coast League put a heavy focus on brining the fun and entertainment factor back to fans and players.

Whether its the 6 charity games, low cost of tickets, hometown pride or wide array of food options, we are the ultimate league for fan service.


Players get to earn weekend income, playing for their hometown, have the chance to get scouted by summer pro teams and play real hardball again.


Our Footprint

The South Coast League is composed of 4, 16 team leagues.


The Eastern League, with teams throughout Florida and South Carolina


The Southern League, with teams throughout Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and Georgia

The Northern League, with teams throughout Texas and Louisiana

The Western League, with teams in California, Nevada and Arizona


Each league plays a self contained, 60 ame schedule, including playoffs. The winner of which advances to a National Championship tournament.